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Meet The Team


Randy Beckum

Lead Pastor

Pastor Randy and Lorie has been serving at HFCN since 2015. They have 4 adult children and 3 grandkids. After living all over the world, they are happy to now call Hawaii home.


Tymmie Ah-Chong

Worship Leader and WJNS Principal

Tymmie Ah-Chong is our school's Po'o Kumu and our HFCN worship leader. Bruce and Tymmie pour their love and heart into HFCN and WJNS. Tymmie has 4 grown children and a beautiful 1 year old granddaughter. 


Will Campbell

Community Life Pastor

Pastor Will and Rachel has been serving at HFCN since 2016. They have two children, Bodhi and River who you are sure to see running around if you ever come on campus.


Estela Chao-Reza

Spiritual Life Pastor

Pastor Estela has been serving at HFCN since 2018. Estela and Micah serve the church in different capacities while Estela works as a spiritual counselor and Micah in technology.

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